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1. The college assembly starts at 8:45 A.M. and every student must attend the Assembly. The late arrival would be barred from attending the classes.

2. Students must carry their Identity Cards and produce it when asked for. In case of loss or damage of Identity cards the authority should be informed immediately in writing to issue a new one.

3. All students should read the Notice Board regularly. 4. During class hours all areas near the classroom will remain as silent zone.

5. In addition to study, the students are encouraged to attend other extracurricular activities regularly.

6. Mobile phones, digital cameras are strictly prohibited inside the college campus.

7. The college campus is a No smoking, tobacco, gutkha, alcohol zone. Anybody found violating these instructions will be dealt with strictly.

8. Student causing damage to any property of the college will be duly penalized.

9. Tution fees must be paid for the entire session of twelve month i.e. June to May.

10. If a student desires to leave the college at any point of time, he/she will have to pay the tution fees for the whole session.

11. College fees or any other charges are neither refundable nor transferrable under any circumstances what so ever the reason. Hence the students and guardians are requested to go through the prospectus carefully before seeking the admission.

12. All payments should be made within due date failing which extra charges/fine will be borne by the Student as notified by the institute. Further the defaulters would also be debarred from attending the classes till clearances of the dues.

13. All payments should be made during office hours only.

14. All payments must be paid either by cash or demand draft only.

15. RAGGING in any form, inside and outside the campus is strictly prohibited.

16. Splitting, writing and sticking anything on the college wall is strictly prohibited.

17. The student should not wear any kind of Earbobs or Bangles.

18. Students are expected to come to college neat and tidy.

19. Students should not wear any kind of goggles unless prescribed by a doctor.

20. The student must Co-operate with the academy in the time of organizing college festival.

21. Students will not indulge in any activities causing hindrance to the college and administration functioning of the college.

22. The student must come to the college in prescribed uniform otherwise, they won't be allow to attend the classes. The prescribed uniform is also to be worn out at college function by all the students representing the college anywhere else.

23. A students must have 80% attendance to be eligible as regular candidate in higher secondary examinations. In case of absence due to unavoidable circumstances, prior permission from the appropriate authority has to be taken. In case of sickness, students will have to produce a medical certificate with application from parents or guardians.

24. A student having 65% attendance will however be allowed to appear in examination as non-collegiate candidate on payment of prescribed fees.

25. During the academic session in addition to daily class test, four sessional test will be conducted to evaluate the students of higher secondary courses. The absentees won't be allowed to appear in the final exam.

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