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    In AIAT Junior College we have always preferred the best possible quality Education since its inception back in 2016. Mention ably, as few as five years back, we AIAT Junior College embarked upon the 21st century, Realm of Education and at the moment, we can proclaim that AIAT has already made its headway to glory when it comes to the kind of Education your wards actually require. Being the Director of this institution, I cannot but denominate it as our and not mine Brain Child. We live in such a world of the day that witnesses everything change overnight, say in the fields of Art, culture, Social customs and systems, Life style, Commerce, Science and Technology and almost everything else connecting human life. I hope I should be able one day or another, but not too far, to find our new and fresh student learners going global in terms of their academic excellence and achievements that count only in international measures. I solicit your helping hand in my endeavors towards making AIAT a different centre for excelling in life and career.
» Principal's Message
     Yes, it is official! We have stepped into the 5th year. During these bygone days we have a long way. We can assert educational institution goes by the name of AIAT Junior College is gaining ground. Wow! It has succeeded to catch the fancy of those who believe in quality education. With cap in hand, we would like to express our sincere thanks to the parents and guardians who have banked on us, our system of providing education. What we want is to impart the sort of education that has the attributes to motivate the students, enables the "future of our nation" to keep pace with the changing time. It is for our science stream that we have taken the pains of handpicking the faculty who are armed with sophisticated knowledge. What makes them unique is the depth of mastery over their respective subjects. Also, the team meant for the Arts and Commerce stream is equally dynamic to the zenith degree. As far as building infrastructure is concerned, it is adequate where conducive academic environment is all pervasive inside the campus. Frankly speaking, the sole ends of us are to make students realize their goal. So, let us be the part of the dream of your wards so that they can materialize their much-cherished dream with ease. We are looking forward to your co-operating hands.

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